Hotel Mer de Glace "4 Vallées"

Spa "4vallées" which is a 4 stars hotel and spa located at the heart of the resort. It is especially appreciated thanks to its classy as well as luxury mountain style, built with amazing quality materials. The spa streches on 2'200 square meters. 

Everybody enjoys at list one part of the spa given that there is something for everyone. Indeed, whether you are a sport fan, a food lover or your just want to relax and appreciate a natural atmosphere, you will find your cup of tea in the hotel for sure. Through its full wood construction, the spa remains environmentally friendly and enjoys a very cosy ambiance.

The hotel complex enjoys 62 modern and elegant bedrooms and suits not to mention beautiful apartments for sale.
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Once your bedroom chosen, please enjoy the "spa des bisses" which will boost your energy. Its utopian decor will relax you and once you're satisfied, let's move to the restaurants in order to discover a typical as well as delicious meal from Switzerland.
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The "Eagle Carnotzet" or "Aigle Carnotzet" is a typically Swiss wine bar which offers you various kind of specialities from Switzerland such as traditional cheese meals - raclette, rösti and fondue - or a selection of local meats served in a cosy and unforgettable atmosphere. If you're lucky and you come to Nendaz during the hunt season which lasts 2 weeks from the end of September to the beginning of October, you will be able to appreciate succulent fresh meat from the region such as deers or chamois.

One the other hand, you can also try the "Clo des Cimes" restaurant enjoying a utopian terrace with picturesque sceneries and views on the "Hauts de Cry" and "Petit Muveran" which are peaks on the other side of the Rhône Valley. 
The restaurant also proposes delicious meals inspired by previous style of cooking, used in the past. There is a nice combination between tradition and modernity. 

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Conference rooms
What a nice way to held a conference in a beautiful as well as modern rooms on the top of Swiss alps !
As a matter of fact, the "4 vallées" hotel proposes you 2 rooms which are called "Chamois" and "Bouquetin (means Ibex in English)" of 87 square meters each. 

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Sport Shop
The hotel has a partnership with "Premier Alpine Center" which is a sport center where you can rent or buy equipment for your activities. You can also organise excursions in the region and ask to plan full acitivities with accomodation already booked. Indeed, the shop will be able to advise and give you personnal experiences.

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Enjoy your holidays in Nendaz !

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